Wednesday, December 5, 2018

November is a month to remember... Waiting for Christmas

Read Aloud The Farm Concert

K is for King

Making Hotdogs

How many craft sticks make a hot dog?

Pre-K loves the Pigeon

Safety first/ Science experiment

Watch what happens next


Applejacks math graphing

Turkey Turkey

Making Corn Muffins for our Thanksgiving parent party

Mixed and ready to go

Making butter

Yummy Corn Muffins

Author Day

Patiently waiting to go shopping at the Christmas Fair

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October Fun

Letter/Sound Match Up
Author Study-Not Quite NARWHAL By Jessie Sima

Math Time -Ten Fingers

We built a farm as a team, using magazine clippings, natural materials found on our nature walk

Invited to Chapel  by Sister Synthia, to practice our Hail Mary and Be Blessed by Holy Water

What happens when you mix two paint colors?

What happened to the balloon after adding baking soda and vinegar? What is a chemical reaction?

Did you know... when pinecones are soaked in water they close? 

Imagination Station -- Build a version of a Haunted House for Halloween

Letter Crafting

Letter "G" is  for grape

Field time with Coach Cahill

Pumpkin designing

"J" is for jelly

Morning Meeting

Design your own version of yourself

How many legs does a spider have?

Safety first for Science Lab

What will happen to our class jack-o-lantern when we add different ingredients?

Elephant toothpaste... Wow!


Add caption

Watch what happens 

Tis The Season... Welcome January!!